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DNA New Focus Of 28-Year-Old Case

DNA extracted from the body of a 13-year-old girl 28 years ago received new scrutiny thanks to updates to forensic science. However, a significant match lies behind an FBI blockade…

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‘Move Over’ Law Enforced

AUSTIN, TX – On Wednesday, more than 40 citations and warnings were issued to Austin drivers under the state’s “Move Over” law. Additionally, it is the 6th enforcement period this…

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Cops Nab Drug Dealer at Gay Bar

AUSTIN, TX – State and local enforcement officials arrested a person early last week who was under suspicion for dealing cocaine out of a gay bar. Officials say the bar…


Austin Man Shot During Dispute

AUSTIN, TX – An aggravated assault escalated to the point it became a full-fledged shooting in a southeastern Austin neighborhood overnight on Wednesday. Consequently, a man wounded another with gunfire.…


Prison guards investigated for selfies

Texas prison officials are investigating several officers. The officers published Facebook posts that allegedly indicate the mistreatment of inmates. Those involved allegedly participated in a social media trend known as…

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