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Are You into Food and Drink Events in Houston? Well, Be Prepared for These Ones

October 22, 2018
You are currently viewing Are You into Food and Drink Events in Houston? Well, Be Prepared for These Ones

Are You into Food and Drink Events in Houston? Well, Be Prepared for These Ones

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HOUSTON, Texas — Get ready for the most delicious events in the city, take day-offs and mark the dates to make sure you’ll not forget. Check out the new specials and three-course offers at different restaurants.

Carmelo’s Cucina Italiana

You can check out a trio of news specials in response to the construction on Memorial and in the Energy Corridor area across the restaurant’s renovations. The three-course Memorial Power Lunch for guests will be $19.81 per person, Mon-Fri from 11 AM to 2 PM), the Nighty Wine and Dine will cost $65 per person, Mon-Sat during dinner time). It includes a choice of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Also, 4 unique Italian wines are included as well. The Sunday Supper will be $29.95 per adult person and $11 for children under 12). The dinner which is family-style will include 3 choosing appetizers, entrees and an assortment of desserts. (Address: 14795 Memorial Dr., Houston, TX)

Central Market

There is a Mangia!Mangia! event taking place at Central Market which celebrates all things Italian. During the 2-week festival, the store will be filled with Italian products and ingredients from different corners of the world. Also, Italian wines, meats, and cheese will be available to purchase. A cooking school will be held on Oct. 14 from 6:30 PM to 9 PM, the price will be $60 per person. (Address: 3815 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX, Date: 10/30/2018)

The Capital Grill

Starting from now and continuing through Sunday, Nov 18 will be hosting Wagyu and Wine. It is inviting its guest to try one of the 3 hand-made Wagyu burgers paired with Italian wine. The price will be $25 per person with selection options of the ingredients. (Address: 5365 Westheimer, 840 West Sam Houston Parkway North)

Arnaldo Richard’s Picos

Day of the Dead event will be celebrated with 2 specials at Arnaldo Richard’s Picos. Enjoy a dessert spread – including calabaza en dacha, pan de muerto, dulce de guayaba and calaveritas de dulce. Per person, it will be $32. (Address: 3601 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX, Date: 10/28/2018)

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