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Austin Man Shot During Dispute

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AUSTIN, TX – An aggravated assault escalated to the point it became a full-fledged shooting in a southeastern Austin neighborhood overnight on Wednesday. Consequently, a man wounded another with gunfire.

Austin police responded to a call and eventually arrived at the 5800 block of Zachary Scott Street. In fact, the incident occurred around 1 a.m. Authorities immediately dispatched officers with K-9s and the Air1 helicopter. With the help of these resources, they were able to quickly set up a perimeter in the neighborhood.

Police sought to contain the area of the shooting until authorities had the incident under control.

According to officers, the alleged incident started as an aggravated assault between two people who were familiar with each other. The altercation escalated and one of them brandished a gun. Somewhere in the ensuing scrum, one of the men shot the other.

Police were quick to transport the victim to a nearby hospital where medical officials diagnosed him with non-life threatening injuries. In fact, they released the victim before the evening was out. Medical officials sent him home around 5:30 a.m.

Police are interviewing witnesses from the scene and are starting to formulate a picture of what exactly transpired. Though, it should be noted, that they do not have a suspect in custody at this hour.

Still, police blocked off the intersection of Zachary Scott Street and Dimitrios Drive. The street remains closed as they continue to investigate.

Authorities do not believe there is any remaining threat to the public.

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