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Bowling In The Drive Thru Lane: Semi Truck Trailer Strikes Big

You are currently viewing Bowling In The Drive Thru Lane: Semi Truck Trailer Strikes Big
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Bowling is such a pleasant sport. A pasttime much too often overlooked by the general public as a whole. Like, how can you underestimate the power of the bowl? You throw a ball down the lane, you score ten pins! Easy effort for instant gratification. That’s convenient! Especially since all you have to do is stand in one place and move your arm. Just throw your ball and arm in a windmill-like motion. What’s the worst that could happen? The ground starts moving?! Well, let’s not call it the worst, but it seems like a budding industry is bound to be created. Luxury Strike Bowling is a brand new bowling alley, on wheels!

That’s right! Bowling!

Entrepreneur Terrence Jackson Jr. came up with the idea out of noticing popular freight/logistic divisions of companies – Amazon, Uber, Grub Hub – bringing the products to the customers. Jackson so desperately wanted to introduce ths likely look to bowling, and that’s exactly what had come true.

But this process wasn’t an overnight success, as many would believe. Jackson developed the design of Luxury Strike over a span of years. It kinda slowed down during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Jackson was able to finish the ambitious project. Specifically, he completed the whole thing on Friday, June 19th. But the day is better known as Juneteenth.

The experience has plenty of features. From automatic bowling lanes to three-pound bowling balls, there’s still plenty evident to rekindle classic bowling alley vibes that have been long gone since the virus has closed down many major areas of business. It comes equipped with temperature control, a stunning sound system, neon lighting and a loft area named the “Skylounge.” It holds more than 15 people, and entertains with the intention to be made available for church gatherings, corporate events and parties.

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