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How Does a DUI Affect CDL License?

You are currently viewing How Does a DUI Affect CDL License?
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A DUI can be costly. Receiving a citation or being arrested for a traffic infraction such as that can cost you your job and possibly your livelihood. If you have a CDL license, it can cost you more. Those who own a CDL license are expected to maintain a high driving standard for the safety of US roads.

Convicted of a DUI

It is important to know exactly why you were ticketed. Different convictions can mean different things per state. No matter, the reason, all states have strict guidelines for receiving a DUI. A DUI doesn’t just limit the citation for alcohol, sometimes prescription medications can be a factor, so watch out.

Refusing a drug and alcohol test can also mean losing your license. Even if you were not drinking prior (or during) driving, refusal to take a breathalyzer or a blood test can be seen as admittance. In most of the US states, refusal of a test will result in the immediate revocation of your CDL license.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

In a state-by-state case, having any alcohol in your system while driving could result in a citation or arrest. In others, the legal drinking limit (.08 or under) may just result in a warning. This isn’t the case for Class-A certified truck drivers. FMCSA allows for a BAC to be .04 or lower for commercial truck drivers. Testing above will result in suspension or revocation. If it much higher than the set requirement, then chances are your license will be permanently taken away.

Always Be Careful When Drinking Before You Drive

In most cases, drinking and driving results in arrests. There is no getting around that. If your life revolves around being on the road, then maybe you should find other options for kicking back and relaxing. For a truck driver, there are plenty of other options aside from drugs and alcohol. Many professional truck drivers understand this and take care of themselves while on the road.

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