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Ford Cuts F-150 Lightning Production To Meet Market Demand

You are currently viewing Ford Cuts F-150 Lightning Production To Meet Market Demand
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Ford is ever so interested in making sure that electric vehicles are consistently taken care of thanks to intelligent Electric Vehicle assessments, given that the automaker is looking forward to tone down production of the Ford F-150 Lightning n the following year.

All of this is the latest that comes from an internal planning memo that is in specific regards to an average volume of around 1600 Lightnings for every week, starting in January. Of course, from the looks of it, that figure looks like it will more than compensate for about half of all 3200 Lightnings Ford has been expected to create with the lasting goal of 150,000 units for every year, thereafter.

Even in the past month of October, Ford had idled about one of three shifts that occurred at the Lightning plant, which in itself had affected 700 workers. Such a move was imminent, after there had been a third shift upon the Lightning production line. Yet, regardless of slowing the production, the company had been able to sell off about 20,365 electric trucks all until November of this year, therefore, indicating a 54% increase through the past year. Therefore, this has achieved as the highest month of sales ever for Ford. Getting rid of a record 4,393 units of the electric truck in November alone. In the perspective of the greater sales numbers that Ford has produced, the automaker has been able to sell only about 190,477 trucks in the third quarter of 2023 alone.

So what’s so special about the Lightning EV anyway?

It has an efficient 0 – 60 mph jumpstart in only 4 seconds. Additionally, the range of batteries can create different horsepower ratings. In Standard Range, you can expect to peak at 452. But with Extended range batteries, the horsepower raises to 580. Respectively speaking, the standard option will take you 230 miles on a single charge, at 98.0 kilowatt-hours while the bigger battery is sure to bring  you all the way to 320 miles.

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