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Georgetown, TX

Thirty miles from Austin, in Williamson County, sits Georgetown, TX. Georgetown is unique for many reasons. Many escape to Georgetown for its beautiful Victorian architecture, red poppy wildflowers, and the huge residential community project, Sun City Texas. Because of this, Georgetown is a fairly large town that is continuing to grow. According to the 2010 census, they had a population of over 45,000. By the 2016 census estimate, that was up to over 60,000.

Georgetown’s historic architecture consists of both residential and commercial buildings. Many of these buildings were restored and preserved. Also, there are several structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, Georgetown is one of the best cities to buy a historic house!

Another wonder of Georgetown? The red poppy wildflowers. People know the city as the “Red Poppy” capital of Texas due to the red poppy wildflowers planted throughout the city. In addition, a Red Poppy Festival is held in the historic square every April. This event brings in up to 30,000 visitors to the city each year!

There is also a large population in the retirement development in Sun City Texas. This project probably is the cause of the rising population in the city. The development is home to about 11,500 people – all over age 55. Georgetown has become a desirable retirement destination due to its warm climate and great medical care services. This growing population of mostly retired residents in Sun City Texas has brought changes to the city throughout the years.

Essentially, it seems that everyone is eager to call the city their new home!

Shipping Your Vehicle From Georgetown

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