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Hatchet Thrown At Car In Gas Station Altercation

You are currently viewing Hatchet Thrown At Car In Gas Station Altercation
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Last Friday night, a bizarre occurrence took place at a Texaco gas station in Austin. As one driver pulled away, another threw a hatchet at the rear of his vehicle.

Around US 183 and North Lamar Boulevard, Alan Alonso stopped to fill up his gas tank. He drove his car filled with three others, his girlfriend and two of their friends. The evening’s plans included attending a party. They didn’t include a hatchet attack.

As he attempted to maneuver his way through the gas station’s parking lot, he noticed another vehicle with its passenger door open. It narrowed the space available to exit. He attempted to communicate with his expression that she needed to shut the door.

Instead, the woman continued pumping gas. Alonso carefully guided his car around hers, taking up about 30 seconds before he made it through to the other side.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Hatchet Flies

As Alonso drove towards the exit to pull into traffic, the woman returned to the driver side of her vehicle. She advanced towards him and hurled a hatchet with some degree of efficacy. It collided with one of the back windows on the driver’s side of his car. The window shattered, pouring tiny, glass pebbles into the backseat.

Alonso’s girlfriend sat nearest the broken window. As a result, she received multiple tiny abrasions, causing little specks of blood to appear across her skin. “She just had glass all over her, like really tiny cuts … Like, really tiny specks of blood,” Alonso recounts.

However, no other injuries occurred, and his girlfriend’s were minor. He dropped her and one of the friends off at the party. Then, he and the remaining friend returned to the gas station and called police. He filed a police report and says he intends to press charges once they find the woman.

Though, now days have passed, Alonso, his girlfriend, and their friends share a laugh about the bizarre encounter. “I was just like, ‘How the hell did she get that throw so perfect?’ Like, that thing is tiny – props to her!” he said.

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