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Honda Accord 2023 Steadies Your Worries with a Reliable Powertrain

You are currently viewing Honda Accord 2023 Steadies Your Worries with a Reliable Powertrain
Honda Accord is Strong and Reliable
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Honda is about to introduce a new HR-V small SUV, a new CR-V crossover, and a new-generation Accord midsize sedan. The CR-V is a behemoth among compact SUVs, it is battling it out with the likes of Toyota’s RAV4 for sales, also the Honda Accord is really a mainstay in the diminishing yet still popular midsize sedan space. Even the comparatively old 2022 model, which was, in fact, introduced back in 2017 and really is about to be replaced by this new 2023 Honda Accord. It does stay at the top of its class in our Ultimate Car Rankings. The car is competent and satisfying to own. Thus it does deliver confident handling plus a refined ride as well as searing powertrains and seamless looks inside and outside the vehicle.

Honda Accord – Refashioned in Civic

Actually, what is in store for the 2023 Accord? The smaller Civic is a template. The Honda has been subtly honed to everything that is making the outgoing Accord so great. In fact, the newest Civic is based on the previous model. Moreover, the new Accord is going to be spun off the current one. However, that does not preclude Honda from heavily restyling the Accord. One doesn’t have to look any further than the 2022 Civic. It is nothing like its predecessor thus despite using the same platform. The Honda is refashioned in the Civic in the Accord’s image. That image will not change it too much for 2023.

Unlike the Civic, which has matured from a wild vented, slatted, and creased visage to a cleaner, simpler design that looks actually vastly more upscale, the Accord is already wearing a clean, simple design that looks subtly more upscale. That should mean the new model is probably adopting a few details from the Civic. It is namely more with a horizontal shoulder line, squared-off front end, and thinner headlights.

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