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Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV Is A Great Hybrid In Retrospect

You are currently viewing Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV Is A Great Hybrid In Retrospect
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Hyundai has recently released a Plug-In Hybrid EV in the form of the Santa Fe. It’s an SUV-sized Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The car can go pretty far with enough efficiency, courtesy to the gas engines and electric motors. PHEVs are able to manage spurts of emission-free driving with larger battery packs that can be recharged through an external power source.

Through this logic, the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV should become a prime candidate for the hugely interested community of ravenous consumers thrilled to enter the EV space, all while not even taking in the beloved familiarity that could be had from the fueling infrastructure of an internal combustion engine that you can call your own and no one would ever be allowed to take from you. For as it turns out, the mid-size SUV operates as a gasoline-electric vehicle of epic proportions. To drive such a model vehicle from 2022? Not half bad!

You can look at how usually cars with a PHEV powertrain isn’t able to give off enough boost to help fuel the economy or performance. But when you drive the regular Santa Fe hybrid, the PHEV is able to share the best and mightiest competencies with Santa Fe variants. As it’s more complex, this PHEV could have it’s drawbacks as well. So that’s something to consider for sure.

The Bigger The PHEV, The Harder It’s Fall.

That’s not the only way you can drive the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe though.

The Santa Fe is available as a normal electric hybrid and a two-gas powered four-cylinder truck, while just recently being rediscovered as a Plug-In Hybrid.

The car is genuinely full of potential. Like a lithium-ion battery pack full of 12.4 kilowatt hours of usable capacity-potential!

Unfortunately, it seems to be a little limited.

In accordance to the EPA, this can garner a battery-electric driving range of about 31 miles. Within a 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, there had been about 29 miles spent before the battery was totally drained.

In any case, that’s why “potential” is such a difficult word. Because as much as it comes across as a compliment, so too can it be read as an insult. Having potential to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to do it. Similarly, just because this PHEV has a facet of renewable energy, doesn’t necessarily mean that such energy is going to take you oh-so-far! It’s real important to see it for what it is and analyze how much such a car will fit in to the lifestyle of you and your family’s.


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