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Lexus NX 2022: Crossover in a Plug-In Hybrid Form

You are currently viewing Lexus NX 2022: Crossover in a Plug-In Hybrid Form
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Lexus NX 2022 is what is considering a safe evolution of the product. It does replace is a major redesign with long-term implications. Moreover, its dimensions and styling are really similar to the outgoing NX. It really is a ground-up re-do based on new features.

Lexus NX Enjoys Strong Sales

Since it was introducing in 2015, the NX has never been considering a class leader. However, it has enjoyed strong sales. The Lexus ES, RX, and Toyota vehicles the enthusiasts might mock. However, everyone else is appreciating their build, quality, dependability, resale value, and overall competence. 

There is one element of the Lexus formula that regular buyers have been putting up. That is the Remote Touch tech interface and the infernal touchpad that’s been in use, with a few exceptions, in every Lexus since it debuted: the original NX. However, there are long-lasting implications of the all-new 2022 NX: now the Remote Touch is gone and in its place is the new “Human Machine Interface” touchscreen infotainment system. Thus it is going to be making its way through the brand. Moreover, this is a big deal, because it means a very real and frustrating reason for not buying a Lexus will go away and is not present at all in the new NX. 

Infotainment System for Lexus

The new touchscreen does not only represents the most important change and improvement to the NX. The infotainment system could really show multiple sources of information at once. Otherwise, the two available touchscreens (a base 9.6-inch unit and a 14-inch widescreen upgrade) do feature a UI that’s quicker, more attractive, and easier to use. The new NX was easy to figure out. Moreover, that cannot be necessarily said of other luxury systems that will continue to confusing after multiple uses, including Mercedes’ MBUX and Remote Touch.

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