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Lone Star State Woman who Got a $9,300 Electricity Bill Files a Lawsuit

You are currently viewing Lone Star State Woman who Got a $9,300 Electricity Bill Files a Lawsuit
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A Lone Star state Chambers County resident filed a class-action lawsuit against the electricity retailer Griddy on Monday. The provider is being citing by the resident of price-gouging customers during last week’s freeze. Moreover, she is seeking $1 billion in relief for other customers.

Lone Star Resident is Rightly Crying Foul

In the lawsuit, attorneys for Lisa Khoury said that her bill has dramatically spiked to $9,340 the week of the storm. Versus in comparison to her average monthly bills that typically ranged from $200 to $250. Moreover, Griddy had drafted payments from Khoury’s bank account several times, this is according to the lawsuit. Thereby, pulling $1,200 before she blocked further charges from her bank. In fact, she still owes thousands. This is sick and disgusting customers have to go through this.

Customers pay Griddy $10 a month. Moreover, Griddy passes wholesale electricity rates directly to customers. In fact, this differs from fixed-rate electricity plans that offer a steady rate regardless of market conditions.

Lone Star Customers During the Worst Time of Their Lives Through no Fault of their Own are Being Gouged

This is a tragedy of epic proportions. Some customers are overwhelming and dauntingly faced with outrageous bills charged tens of thousands of dollars. The price hike was fueling by a shortage of supply and skyrocketing demand. Texans on variable-rate plans are facing immediate and alarmingly high prices. Moreover, electricity bills are likely to rise across the board.

Appointed by Abbott, Texas’ Public Utility Commission, raised the wholesale marketplace of electricity to $9 per kilowatt-hour. There is a 74,000% increase over the average 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is in response to rising demand. However, there was faint hope is that power generators would be enticing to produce more electricity.

File This Under “Oh, Really…”

Moreover, the order stated: “Energy prices should reflect scarcity of the supply.” This is insanely ridiculous and unfair to the public in the Lone Star state.

Passing the Buck, Throwing an Agency Under the Bus

Isn’t this special. Griddy representatives could not be right away reached for comment. Moreover, the electricity retailer has addressed the comment. Addressing concerns of price gouging on its website, Griddy has “conveniently” put the blame on the Public Utility Commission. It has not profitted from raised prices.

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