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Maintaining Good Mental Health as a Trucker

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*Another thing that keeps your mind at ease is being on time, click here to read about our time management tips.

Delving into the trucking industry, new drivers will come across many challenges, and mental stability can often prove difficult for those who aren’t accustomed to this lifestyle.

Getting used to the constant change and varying conditions can cause strain for many drivers. Factors like the constant change in weather, diet, irregular sleep, etc. call for acclamation.  Due to the sporadic change in everyday life for a trucker, it is easy to become moody, irritable or lonely.

How to Acclimate

It is important to establish a daily routine to better adjust to these harsh living conditions on the road. Normalcy allows for stability. Living as close to one’s home life becomes possible when one has daily habits and schedules.

Try to make the truck’s space a comfortable one. With large amounts of time in one’s rig, it is important to feel content with one’s space within the truck. Whether it’s a favorite blanket or an iPod with all your favorite reminiscent hits, there are little things that can raise the quality of life.

Become more accustomed to one’s space by inviting someone to come along. Changing up one’s trip by bringing along a loved one can change up the experience and make it more enjoyable.

Participate in what’s going on at home, regardless of location. Technology makes it all too easy to keep in touch with loved ones, which leaves no reason to not stay included in family life.

Don’t let your schedule control you!

Often drivers push themselves to meet ridiculous deadlines, and in doing so, many forget about the importance of daily grooming, health or budgeting. Quality is important. With this intense schedule, the driver may not always put him/herself first, but just as regular maintenance for one’s rig is important, so is the maintenance of one’s health.

Although it may take time, developing a routine of hygiene, visiting well-maintained stops and keeping something that makes one comfortable can ensure positive mental health.

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