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‘Move Over’ Law Enforced

You are currently viewing ‘Move Over’ Law Enforced
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AUSTIN, TX – On Wednesday, more than 40 citations and warnings were issued to Austin drivers under the state’s “Move Over” law. Additionally, it is the 6th enforcement period this year. The “Move Over” law requires motorists to watch for emergency vehicles on the edge of the roadways.

Furthermore, according to the “Move Over” law, any vehicle that passes an emergency vehicle that has its emergency lights on must either move over a lane or reduce their speed by 20 miles per hours below the displayed speed limit. However, on Wednesday, the Austin Police Department focused on vehicles that did not move over for tow trucks.

Moreover, research from AAA shows that tow truck operators are among the country’s most dangerous jobs. In addition to this, the study also reported that a tow truck operator is killed once every six days. These statistics alone is another reason why there is now more police enforcement of the “Move Over” law.

Apart from this, in its 6th enforcement period, the Austin Police Department handed out 177 warnings to drivers who drove past emergency vehicles. Also, police issued eight citations, plus an additional 15 warnings for hazardous infringements.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in matters concerning non-hazardous violations, police also gave out 11 warnings and issued nine citations.  

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