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Republicans Pass Voting Maps That Aim to Entrench the Power of Whites

You are currently viewing Republicans Pass Voting Maps That Aim to Entrench the Power of Whites
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Republicans are now on the verge of enacting new voting maps that would, in fact, entrench the state’s Republican and the white majority even as its non-white population did grow quickly.

Republicans and the Congressional Plan

On Monday, the Republicans have approved the congressional plan then sent it to Governor Greg Abbott. He is a Republican that is expected to sign the measure.

There is a brazen effort in the U.S. based on the Texas maps. That is to draw new district lines to supposedly benefit one political party. This is a practice called gerrymandering. There is a proposed congressional map that would stop growing Democratic strength in the Texas suburbs. With a 23-13 seat advantage, Texas Republicans are the state’s congressional delegation. In fact, the new maps would double the number of safe GOP congressional seats in the state from 11 to 22.

Growing Political Strength of Minorities

In fact, the map is precisely blunting the developing political strength of minorities in Texas. Moreover, in the last decade, the Hispanic population has grown by almost 2 million people in the state. The “mighty” white population has increased by about 187,000 people. Oh boo hoo! These white people are taking over. There is 95 percent of the state’s population growth of the last decade has, in fact, come from minorities. Though the proposed congressional map is actually lowering the number of districts in the state. It is where the non-white people do comprise a majority. Moreover, there is going to be one additional district where the whites make up a majority of voters.

Now, Democrats would, in fact, have 12 safe seats, up from eight. Thus, there would be just one competitive congressional district in the state, down from 12.

Texas Republicans are really on the verge of enacting new voting maps. These would entrench the state’s Republican and white majority even with its non-white population that is growing very quickly.

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