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Rolls-Royce Wraith and Dawn Packing Bags And Leaving The USA

You are currently viewing Rolls-Royce Wraith and Dawn Packing Bags And Leaving The USA
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Two cars are dropping themselves out of the running from Rolls-Royce. Which ones, you might ask? Well it happens to be the Wraith and Dawn editions. This is confirmed news, according to a company spokesperson. Following the end of 2021 model year production, no more units of these two models will be produced for American soil. This certainly is sad news but news we can accept nonetheless.

Regarding Either Of These Rolls-Royce Models

The Dawn had come onto the scene in 2015. Meanwhile the Wraith had been brought into the zeitgeist in 2013. They happen to be among welcome company along with BMW’s Formula 1 platform. This is what they share with the 2008-era of BMW 7-series. It’s not entirely too huge of a surprise as Rolls-Royce is starting to phase production out. It’s worthwhile to note that the news only applies to the North American market. The two cars will continue to be shipped out overseas. For how much longer, it’s not sure in that arena. All current orders for the Wraith and the Dawn will be fulfilled until the end of the 2021 model production year.

Also, with the Wraith and the Dawn long gone, there won’t be many Rolls-Royce models to choose from, save for a select few. This includes the Ghost, the Cullinan SUV and the Phantom. Chances are, it won’t always be such slim-pickings. Rolls-Royce believes that they’ll totally expand their lineup beyond for a new swath of stuff. This is all due to the all-aluminum “Architecture of Luxury.” If you want to settle for a four-door option, then that’s fair.

If I had a Rolls-Royce, I’d sooner prefer for the vehicle to fly before opening on all two doors. As crazy as an option that may sound like. Isn’t that really a delight in itself? To confirm that you can deal with less as more for Rolls-Royce?

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