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Susie The Little Blue Coupe: Why This Cartoon Is Still Relevant Today

You are currently viewing Susie The Little Blue Coupe: Why This Cartoon Is Still Relevant Today
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In 1952, Walt Disney and Co. produced one of their trademark Silly Symphonies featuring a quirky, anthropomorphic blue coupe named Susie. And, at the time, it was remarkable. We’re talking about post-Pinocchio, pre-Pixar. A cartoon that essentially inspired the latter to create Cars, while also touching upon the boom that came after World War II.

Cartoon Movies Collectors City | February 20th, 2017

There’s something about american ingenuity that shines bright in this cartoon.

It details an actual progression of the dwindling existence of a car, and how valuable it is in the long-run. As we all understand, the thing about cars is that they’re heavy investment, once you buy a new car, it becomes used, by proxy. It’s used, it’s abused and it’s likely to be obtuse in the grander scheme of things.

In the wonderful yet wicked world we live in, where traffic is only getting worse, and air pollution is a problem we’re choking on, we could use with a hero personified in a little blue coupe. And Susie is just our gal.

Susie is a spirited vehicle with enough gaspower to push through the honks and sneers of big-city transportation. Much like her, it can be scary moving to a new place. But the benefit here is that we learn and we grow depending on our brand new circumstance of being. We suddenly get a bit more in-tune with ourselves and our surroundings.

There’s less of who we were before and more of who we’re to be now. It’s all a matter of growth.

If you ever feel lost, abused or just plain left alone in the worst way, keep in mind Susie had to go through all that, and yet, despite all odds, came out the other side feeling “50,000 miles younger.” The world loves underdogs.

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