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Tesla: Top Selling In Iceland

You are currently viewing Tesla: Top Selling In Iceland
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Tesla has been on a roll. Despite COVID-19 causing the entire global economy to slow down, the electric car company hasn’t seemed to hit a stop.

Tesla Marks The First Top Seller

Iceland isn’t known for having beautiful scenic views, bog trolls and, well, Bjork. This might seem odd for many. Fortunately, now they have Tesla. When the market opened for Tesla in September of last year, nobody thought they would overtake the market so rapidly.

Iceland’s Environmental Efforts

Iceland has the same environmental mindset as places like Norway. Norway has completely recycled its trash in order to produce energy to power the country. With their environmental efforts so effective, they have had to resort to importing trash from surrounding countries. They have also marked 2025 as the year they completely switch over to an all-electric car market.

Iceland is no stranger to environmental efforts. They are close behind Norway with its proactive policies. It’s no wonder why so many Icelandic people are quickly shifting gears into the electric car realm.

Why Tesla So Quickly?

A few reasons go into why Tesla has been able to grow so rapidly for the country. For starters, the layout and geography of the country is a huge factor. Where places like America are spread out and diverse, many in Iceland live close together. When your country lives so close to the arctic circle, people tend to huddle together. The countries largest city, Reykjavik, is primarily where people work and live. This means that long-distance traveling is less appealing than in places like the US where it’s essential.

Another factor to note is that Iceland relies heavily on imported oil. With gas prices so high for the small country, many have found that driving around isn’t the best option. Many in Iceland have been converting to alternative methods since before electric cars were around. Bikes and public transportation are still huge in Iceland and many other forms are being developed for people to travel safely and affordably.

The Future Of EV’s

It appears that electric vehicles are starting to wedge into the world a little bit faster and a little more effectively than previously thought. With the industry now making large headway, it will only be a matter of time before we see an all EV market.

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