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What’s the Difference Between Open and Enclosed transport?

You are currently viewing What’s the Difference Between Open and Enclosed transport?
Open or Enclosed Transport refers to the trailer
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There are tons of options when shipping your car. Everything from when you want to ship to what shipping company to go with. Most of these things, you probably think about before you even call for a quote. But there are some things your shipping company will ask that you may not even know about. If this is your first time shipping, you may not know that there are tons of different trailers to use to ship your car. The first question they will ask you is if you want open or enclosed transport. These two questions encompass a variety of options. But which option is the best? The answer is, it depends on your car. Both options have tons of pros, and yes, they both have their cons. Let’s help you decide what’s best for your car.

Open Transport

Open transport trailers are the most common type of trailer on the road. Over 90% of all auto shipping trailers are open transport trailers. Since there are so many trailers, it creates a buyer’s market for open transport trailers. The readily available option makes it so that you can more than likely find an open transport trailer on your chosen date. You may even get one sooner, which can save you time. The other key feature of open transport is that it is almost always going to be the cheaper option. Open transport trailers are the double-decker trailers that hold anywhere between six and ten vehicles. One of the reasons that open transport trailers are so inexpensive is the number of vehicles on them. Costs like gasoline, toll roads, and specialized permits are split between the vehicles on the trailer. This makes it so you’re not paying the full price it would cost to drive across the country.

Even though public transport is often faster and cheaper, there are some cons. Your car is also open to the elements since the trailer is open to the air. This means if your route takes you through harsh weather, your car is subject to that. frozen rain, hail, and maybe even scorching desert sand. You can be sure that when your car arrives after being on public transport, it will need a run through a car wash. If you’re worried about your car getting scratched, you may want to opt for enclosed transport. That being said, any reputable car shipper will have enough insurance to make this a non-issue. Considering car dealers ship their brand new cars on open transport trailers, most people can have faith that this is surely the best option for them.

Enclosed Transport

An enclosed transport is any transport that has either a canvas or hard shell cover surrounding the trailer. This helps add an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. It also encompasses many different types of trailers. Many people with exotic or classic cars choose to go with enclosed transport. Sure, the auto shipper might have enough insurance to cover a classic car, but finding the replacement parts may be too risky to leave up to insurance. Going with enclosed transport adds that peace of mind when shipping a car like this. Some cars, especially some exotic cars, have very low ground clearance. Some are so low that they can’t drive up the loading ramp to get onto a traditional transport trailer. These types of cars will need a hydraulic lift to get their car onto a trailer. However, most trailers with a hydraulic lift do not carry many vehicles. You’ll likely only share a trailer with one or two other vehicles. This means all those gasoline and toll costs now come out of your pocket. This makes some enclosed transport options significantly higher in price.

Also, depending on your trailer needs, finding an enclosed transport trailer is not always easy. You may have to wait a little longer to get a trailer. This can cause delays, and you may not be able to ship your car on the exact day you need.

For those who have exotic or classic cars with speciality aftermarket parts that a traditional trailer cannot handle, enclosed transport might be for you. It may cost more and take a little longer, but it could be worth it for your vehicle.

The Best Trailer Comes down to Preference.

Whatever option you choose, make sure it’s the best option for your car. If you’re still trying to find an auto shipper, give Austin Car Transport a call. They can help you decide what trailer works best for you and get you the best price no matter what trailer option you pick. They are a veteran organization that offers industry-leading insurance right there in their quotes. It doesn’t matter if you need open transport or enclosed transport.

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