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Parade Ready to Welcome Olympic Athletes Upon Return

You are currently viewing Parade Ready to Welcome Olympic Athletes Upon Return
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A parade, a large crowd gathering at the gate, and baggage claim at Southern State airport for great athletes Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles. Biles, the gymnast known as the greatest of all time, returning home. This was after adding two more medals from the Tokyo Olympics to her already impressive collection. There were loved ones at the gate to greet her as well. In fact, Biles’ teammate, Jordan Chiles, did also emerge from the plane to the cheers of “The U.S.A.” from a large crowd gathered at the gate and at baggage claim. Both gymnasts did train at the same gym in a local city.

Parade: Biles and Miller Have Several Medals Between Them

Moreover, Biles is now tied with Shannon Miller as the American gymnast with the most career Olympic medals. That is since both have seven medals apiece now. In fact, her latest came in Tokyo after winning silver in the team final and bronze on the balance team.

Mental Health

Biles has placed a continuing emphasis on how mental health affects athletes’ performance when she withdrew from several events at most current games. Moreover, she has suffered from a mental block called the “twisties.” It has prevented her from knowing where she was in the air while she was completing the high-flying, difficult skills.

Using Spotlight to Make Positive Change

Moreover, Biles, who is from Texas, has told reporters that her mental challenges did help shift the spotlight to a more pertinent conversation in sports.

“In fact, I’m not mad at all. I’m very proud of the girls – all of them. Then, I’m going home in one piece. I was a kind of nervous about it,” Biles said. “It’s not how I wanted it to go. However, we did open bigger doors to bigger conversations.”

Moreover, Biles also did share the traumatic news that her aunt did die unexpectedly while the gymnast did compete in Tokyo.

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