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The Acura 2022 ILX – Best Deal Among Subcompact Luxury Sedans

You are currently viewing The Acura 2022 ILX – Best Deal Among Subcompact Luxury Sedans
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The Acura 2022 ILX, at first glance, does look like a luxury sedan bargain. That is because it does wear a premium exterior styling treatment with an appealing starting price. If you do look closer though, you will notice that the smallest Acura sedan is just a reskinned previous-generation Honda Civic. It has what is calling a less desirable standard features list. Even if infotainment is really out of date. Therefore, it lacks the sporty driving dynamics traditionally expecting in this class. Moreover, its 2.4-liter four-cylinder is considering the least fuel-efficient. Though its ride is smooth and pleasing.

The Acura 2022 ILX Offers a Great Deal

In fact, the 2022 ILX is considering one of the best deals among subcompact luxury sedans. The value is optimizing with the optional Premium package. It adds leather upholstery, upgraded infotainment features, and more driver assists. Moreover, the A-Spec package could give the illusion of enhanced performance. Yet the kit does only supply also what is describing as superficial improvements.

Sole Powertrain

Moreover, the sole powertrain is a 201-hp four-cylinder with front-wheel drive is mating to a level eight-speed automatic transmission. In fact, the engine revs easily. Although, the ILX isn’t considering the fastest car in its class. Though its character does make people really wistful for the VTEC-powered Honda and Acura sedans from the years that are past. Poised and confident describes the handling and it’s that memorable. Moreover, the road and wind noise does permeate the cabin here more than its rivals, particularly at highway speeds. In fact, the smallest Acura sedan does have great brake-pedal feedback.

Fuel Economy and MPG

In fact, the ILX earns fuel-economy ratings of 24 mpg in the city. Also 34 mpg on the highway. Both are considering competition with front-wheel-drive versions of the A3 and A-class. Over the 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, the ILX is delivering precisely what its window sticker said it would: 34 mpg.

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