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Time Management Tips for New Truckers

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Time management is a skill all truckers should possess. However, for new truckers entering the commercial transport field, it may not come so easy. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help rookie drivers manage time more efficiently.

Tip #1: Get Parked Early

But, what does this mean exactly? Well, we all know one of the most frustrating things about trucking is the lack of parking at night. It tends to fill up quickly. However, if you can park early enough in the day, before the nighttime rush, then you should be okay. Time is crucial when searching for parking. Waiting one minute too long could leave you searching for hours, thus losing time, and sleep. Therefore, the key is to get parked early, and wake up early.

Moreover, keep in mind that parking varies from state to state. Sometimes you will have no problem finding parking, and other times you will. You will learn the truck stop areas the longer you drive. Time management improves with experience.

Tip #2: Avoid Heavy Traffic When Possible

If only it were that easy. But sometimes it can be. Driving schedules are important to time management. If you can schedule runs around traffic, then you’re able to maximize time efficiently. Being mindful of rush hour, and heavy traffic times is helpful when coordinated runs.

Tip #3: Load and Unload Early

Furthermore, you can cut time by getting to your appointments early. If you plan wisely, you may be able to load or unload ahead of schedule. When this happens, call the shipper to see if you can move your appointment time up.   

Tip #4: Rest!

You’re probably wondering how this affects time management. Well, it’s quite simple. The more exhausted you are, the harder it is to recover, therefore losing valuable time on the road. Don’t push through the tiredness, instead take short naps throughout the day. Get a good night’s sleep so that you’re up, energized, and ready to go in the morning. When your mind is pushed past the point of exhaustion, the recovery time is much longer.

Got any other time management tips to share? Comment below.

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