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Austin’s “Arrive Logistics” Brings Trucking Jobs to Tennessee

You are currently viewing Austin’s “Arrive Logistics” Brings Trucking Jobs to Tennessee
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Arrive Logistics, a trucking company based in Austin, Texas, is expanding. So, what does this mean? Well, the company is broadening – and in doing so, bringing its company to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The company itself, Arrive Logistics, was founded about five years ago, in 2014. Back then, it was a freight brokerage which used technology in order to serve shippers as well as carriers.

Now, the goal of the company is to expand in order to keep up with the industry in the Southeast. With the new operations in Chattanooga, they’ll be able to do this. Many trucking companies are expanding in a similar way!

According to Matt Pyatt, one of the co-founders of the company, “Expanding into Chattanooga will provide vast growth opportunities for Arrive Logistics and increased value for our customers and carriers.”

The company began as a small one – with a small, ten-person office in Austin. Now, they have more than 600 employees in Austin, Chicago, and now Chattanooga.  

Because of the experience, as well as the talent, of freight brokers in that area, the company wanted to move there. They even picked their spot in downtown Chattanooga, right by Steam Logistics and Reliance Partners. 

These two companies are very successful – the first which brokers cargo transports around the world, and the latter being a large insurance agency which works with truckers and shippers.

Pyatt discussed the logistics of the location, as well. He stated that “being located in the center of Freight Alley was a top priority for us, and we are privileged to have an experienced pool of talent right here in Tennessee that will be instrumental in building our team.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with the changed location of the company. What do you think of the expansion?

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