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Car Shipping Trailers We Use to Ship Your Vehicles

You are currently viewing Car Shipping Trailers We Use to Ship Your Vehicles
From standard open trailers to the more specialized, we have the trailer for the job!
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When you choose a car shipping service, you may wonder what kinds of trailers they’ll use for your vehicle. After all, the trailer will be your car’s home for a few days; you want to know what that home looks like. At Austin Car Transport, we utilize a few types of trailers to safely and quickly ship vehicles all over the country. Let’s break down the equipment that we’ll use for your car, truck, or other vehicle!

The Standard: Open Shipping Trailers

The trailers that we use most often are certainly our open transport trailers. When you see a big semi-truck heading down I-35 with a bunch of cars riding on the back, this is what you’re looking at. Open car transport trailers are easy to find and can fit a lot of cars on their backs, which is part of the reason we use them so often. They’re also cheaper for our customers, making them the best deal in the industry. We can get your car a spot on one of these excellent pieces of equipment with ease.

The Upgrade: Enclosed Shipping Trailers

Some people want their cars to get a little more special treatment. They usually have fancier cars or cars that just got new paint jobs that they want to keep clean. For these cars, we can offer a luxury option: enclosed shipping. Enclosed shipping guarantees the complete safety of your car for its entire journey. We’ll keep it perfectly safe in an impenetrable metal shell. If you want to give your car the luxury treatment it deserves, these trailers are for you.

The Specialized: Flatbeds

Although they aren’t really dedicated car shipping trailers, flatbeds can be useful for a wide variety of uses. If you have a particularly large or oddly shaped vehicle, we can use one of these trailers to ship it. As long as it doesn’t go over any of the legal dimensions for load size (which it almost certainly won’t), we can haul it with ease. And even if it does exceed a legal limit, we have other trailers we can use! The upshot is this: no matter what kind of vehicle you have, Austin Car Transport can find the right trailer to ship it anywhere.

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