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Mercedes-Benz GLC Pricing Starts Off At $48,250

You are currently viewing Mercedes-Benz GLC Pricing Starts Off At $48,250
The GLC is up for good prices!
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This spring, you will be seeing a brand new edition of the Mercedes-Benz GLC class SUV. But there is a catch; not only does this force of nature come with a turbo charge 2.0 L in-line four engine, it will also be well regarded as one of the titans of the EV community.

How? Well it also comes jampacked with 48 whopping volts of electricity to power it through when gas can fail. That’s right. Mercedes-Benz is making this SUV a hybrid. And if things go according to plan, there’s a likelihood that the GLC will be released as a plug-in hybrid in future editions.

To echo the path of the former models in the class, GLC is one of those extraordinary units that you just can’t deny has a certain panache to it. For example, note the two new trim levels that come in this latest generation of Mercedes-Benz. The exclusive trim only comes up at a mere $50,500 with amenities such as a 360° camera, illuminated door sills and even a Bermester Soundsystem. Not to mention it has state of the art navigation for you to get lost in the beauty of the world without getting lost in danger. Whereas if you were to upgrade to the pinnacle trim, all those standard features come in as well as a brand, new augmented video useful for navigational purposes, as well as an HUD (or heads up display if you don’t play video games.)

What I think is most fascinating about the Mercedes-BenzGLC is that it will have the best of both worlds when it comes to its power train.

Just think about it! It comes with a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine that will likely develop about 255 hp at a rate of 295 pound feet of torque and on top of that a 48 V hybrid battery, feeding energy through an integrated starter generator. All the while this GLC from Mercedes Benz will be untouchable and unparalleled with a nine speed automatic transmission. That’s unheard of isn’t it?

Yes, it very well looks like.The Mercedes-Benz GLC of 2023 is going to be the next luxury offering the EV community will have to offer. Buyers are going to have the opportunity to utilize either a standardized rear drive set up or take a chance on Mercedes 4Matic all wheel drive system. Details are still murky, but there is the high likelihood that a plug-in hybrid and AMG models alike are following in succession after the success of the GLC is realized.

Only then, maybe we can go all home and feel happy that we have an SUV that is powered not only by internal combustion engines, but also with electric power by battery! If we can’t necessarily be a part of the problem and we don’t know how to solve the future, we may as will be working towards a solution that isn’t quite so divided by classism. Little less than a mile at a time, as it all is a wild pipe dream to bring together both the EV community and the dwindling ICE stalwarts.


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