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Tesla Model S Seen Testing The Road While Pushing Launch Date

You are currently viewing Tesla Model S Seen Testing The Road While Pushing Launch Date
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You know, I can’t remember the first time I heard about a lot of these new inventions. Kombucha. Zumba. Tesla. These all just sound like last names of outsiders moving into the Lone Star state. So whyever would we obsess especially over the last one? It just sounds like it’s some sort of scheme to really involve yourself in a foreign sounding entourage of misfits and hooligans. Nonetheless, we’ve got it on good word that Tesla, the most credible of the bunch, is up something all too good for our eyes to bear. Apparently, they have a new interior design that has been refreshing to see within the Model S. And this could essentially have a horizontal center display, smaller instrument cluster and other such materials that would truly make for a higher-end experience. This was made evident after a testing of the Model’s S prowess on the track at Fremont, mere whenevers before the launch.

What Could This Mean For Tesla?

Tesla is currently trying to push full-steam ahead on Model 3 production. Yet, many are concerned that they aren’t entirely focusing on shfting the original designs of the Model S. Perhaps the Model X is also a necessary changes that will have to happ

Within the past several months, there have been excrutiatingly specific reports on rumors of a Model S and Model X design that have increased since Tesla noted their Model S Plaid will require several important changes.

Tesla has also been promising to speed up the delivery of European models to that of March. It turns out this may still be the case for their infamous Model S. Who knows what the future may hold? It often is a dark and scary place for automotive sales and designs. But someone has to turn on the lights.

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