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Texas Road Monitored from the Heavens

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Satellites look at a Texas Road and can tell if it needs maintenance
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There’s a stretch of highway that runs from Austin to San Antonio dubbed the “Innovation Corridor.” Texas officials use this stretch of road to test advancements in transportation technologies. Many don’t realize that when they drive this desert road, they’re actually on the most sophisticated road in America. The only clue is the speed limit sign that allows a brisk 85 mph. That’s the fastest speed limit on any road in America. This Texas road allows such speeds because of its advanced monitoring systems. One of these systems is a satellite that finds flaws in the pavement and structures. The satellite reports these flaws for maintenance. The real kicker is that it can also judge for preventive maintenance issues and can see issues before they’re a problem.

The satellite doesn’t use traditional image capturing, so there’s no need to worry about some tech guy watching you pick your nose while you drive. Instead, it uses radar data. This technology dates back all the way to the Cold War. Spycrafts used this to monitor territories for new buildings that might pop up to create a nuclear weapon. Today, they use this technology to monitor changes in the road. These satellites can determine if there’s any shifting in the pavement. Shifting is natural, but if things slide too far, maintenance issues could arise. This helps find potholes before they open. Armed with this technology, Texas State Highway 130 rarely has any issues on the road, resulting in smoother, more efficient travel along the route.

The Texas-based company, SH 130 Concession Company, is the one who monitors and maintains the road. They use technology and satellites provided by E059 Tech. They can see everything that makes up the roads in Texas. Texas roads have a high clay content. Clay naturally expands and contracts more dramatically than other materials. During the wet seasons, it can stretch, and when it’s dry, it shrinks, creating movement and change on the roads. The ability to notice these changes at such a micro level gives Texas road maintenance crews the upper hand. It can also check the structures that ensure the expanding and contrasting clay stays put. This helps not only with issues on the road, but future issues to prevent the road from deteriorating.

Technology is nothing new on a Texas Road. With more truckers than any other state, it’s important to have the right advancements in place to keep Texas moving. With companies like SH 130 Concession Company, Texas could be the most efficiently run transportation territory.

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