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“Aggro” at the Wheel in Austin

You are currently viewing “Aggro” at the Wheel in Austin
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AUSTIN, TX – The data is in and guess what? Looks like Austin drivers are some of the most aggressive on the road. So if you feel like there’s a lot of daring lane switches, speeding cars and maddening honks at slow-moving vehicles out on Austin streets, you’re right. named Austin drivers the 9th most aggressive drivers in the country. We love to be in the Top 10 but for things but for this? Maybe not our finest hour. GasBuddy studied the top 30 metropolitan areas by population as defined by the United States Census Bureau.

They performed the study from November 2018 through February 2019. During it they calculated the frequency of an aggressive incident while in the act of driving. An aggressive event included things like speeding, hard braking, or notable acceleration.

No doubt, if we’re honest with ourselves, Austin drivers can agree these aggressive acts are frequently on display on our streets and highways. Forget that laid back Texas reputation, we can be downright “aggro” behind the wheel.

Naturally, Los Angeles topped cities for having the most aggressive drivers. It was followed by Philadelphia, Sacramento, Atlanta and San Francisco.

Some other interesting notes from the study include the fact that motorists are 1.2x more likely to experience aggressive driving on a Friday than on Wednesday. In fact, Friday is easily Austin’s most aggressive day of driving. On Fridays we’re 14% more daring at the wheel than the national average. I guess we really take that TGIF concept really seriously – ready to start our weekend!

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