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Austin Accident Kills Teen, Injures Another

February 22, 2019
You are currently viewing Austin Accident Kills Teen, Injures Another

Austin Accident Kills Teen, Injures Another

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AUSTIN, TX – A terrible Austin accident occurred Thursday. As a result, one teenager was killed and another injured. According to the news release from Texas Highway Patrol, a young woman, also a teenager, drove a truck that crashed into the teens’ car.

The car contained two seventeen-year-old girls. The girls, Tonya Olsze and Alexia Scordelis, drove southbound in a car on County Road 117. This incident occurred in Round Rock, near Bluffstone Drive. Olsze, the driver, attempted to make a left turn on Bluffstone Drive. However, she attempted the turn right in front of a Chevy Silverado. Jasmine Olguin, a nineteen-year-old from Austin, drove the truck.

The truck ended up hitting the car along the passenger side of the vehicle. Emergency personnel transported Scordelis and Olsze to Seton Medical Center Williamson. This is where Scordelis was pronounced dead. However, medical personnel checked Olguin at the scene and cleared her there.

Scordelis was a student at Stony Point High School. This information comes from Round Rock Independent School District. And, school officials stated that they have additional counselors available at the school for anyone who needs them.

Currently, the Austin accident still is under police investigation.

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