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Can I Ship a Non-Running Car?

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A non-running car like this can actually ship easily
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Yes, you can ship a non-running car with the right shipping company. Non-running cars are a bit of a hassle and may incur additional fees. However, for the most part, many shipping companies have the means to ship any type of car. There are ways to help keep these fees low if you know the tricks of the trade. On the other end of the spectrum, some non-running vehicles simply cannot be loaded onto a shipping trailer, no matter how hard we try. If you’re trying to ship a non-running vehicle, it’s important to know what can go and what must stay. That way, you’re not blindsided. You may also be able to do a few very simple things to get your non-running vehicle on a trailer.

Non-running vehicles are Easy to ship if they can do three things.

So you just bought a car at an auction or your mechanic friend in the next state over said they could help you fix up your car. You want to get it to them, but you don’t want to sink more money into shipping the car than it’s even worth. For non-running cars, a shipping company may need to procure additional machinery to ship. Sure, some companies can offer forklifts to pick up the car and put it on a trailer, but that’s going to cost money. A lot of money, to be more precise. You want to do this for cheap. So if you can do enough to make sure your car can roll, brake, and steer, then you just potentially saved thousands of dollars in car shipping.

You see, if a car can roll, brake, and steer, the car shipping company can use some easier, less expensive tools to get your car on the trailer. They can use a winch to pull it on, they can push the car onto a hydraulic lift, or they can simply roll it up the ramp if it’s light enough. The hard part about a non-running car is just getting it on and off the trailer. So if you can figure out a way to easily make that happen, you won’t need to pull out the expensive big guns.

Some Cars just Can’t Ship

Unfortunately, not enough money in the world can get some cars on a trailer. For instance, if your non-running car is stuck in the mud on some field in the middle of nowhere. The car still needs to be accessible to the shipping truck. That means you can’t call a shipping company and expect them to pull it out of a cluttered garage. Additionally, if your car leaks tons of fluid or has pieces falling off, a shipping company may not take it.

The fluids could wind up damaging the shipping vehicle or any of the other vehicles on the trailer. As for a vehicle that has protruding broken pieces that may easily snap off, the hazards are just not a risk a shipping company wants to take. It may be difficult to strap the car onto the trailer, or small parts may fly off and hit other cars on the road. Safety is always a shipping company’s number one priority. If they don’t feel they can ship your car safely, then they won’t take it.

The key to shipping a non-running car is to be as transparent as possible with your shipping company. Let them know what’s wrong with the vehicle. Tell them about any issues that may arise. It’s best to get that out of the way than to run into unexpected costs down the line or, worse, find that you can’t ship your car at all.

Ship Your Non-Running Vehicle with Us!

If you need to find a shipping company that handles non-running cars, Austin Car Transport is the one to call. For over 16 years, Austin residents trust them to ship cars in all sorts of conditions. They’ve seen it all, so they know how to handle it all. Give them a call today to see how easy it is to ship a non-running car.

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