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Truck Drivers Deserve Incentives, Too!

You are currently viewing Truck Drivers Deserve Incentives, Too!
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Qualified drivers are a huge component to the overall success of a trucking company. In order to build a solid culture within the business, a level of allegiance, security, and respect must be had between management and the employees. Trucking companies that have been in business for years understand that retaining exceptional drivers is key. And, one way to do so, is through quality incentives for drivers.

Express Appreciation

Drivers want to feel appreciated, and that their efforts aren’t going in vain. Therefore, by rewarding drivers with proper incentives, it sends a clear message of appreciation for the hard work they do. One way to boost the morale of drivers is through public recognition. Special, yet simple acknowledgements for ‘a job well-done’ goes a long way.  

Not to mention, incentives also come in the form of paid holidays, health plans, and/or 401(k). These incentives opportunities build loyalty and stability within the company. Also, it’s a great way to retain drivers for the long-term.


Compensation is what keeps us afloat. It is extremely vital in any job, including truck drivers too. However, there are various ways a trucker can get paid. Whether it be different compensation packages, or signing bonuses, drivers need to feel like they’re valued. Additionally, pay-for-performance bonuses, which encourage truckers to drive safely on the road, is also another great incentive to implement.  

Safe Driving Rewards

Furthermore, in most trucking companies, they issue safe driving bonuses as part of the incentive packages they provide. For example, OTR haulers often reward drivers with a bonus for accruing a certain number of miles driven safely. This type of incentive is a win-win. It presents drivers with a challenge that will result in financial gain.

Do you think incentives are a good way to retain drivers? Comment below.

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