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United Auto Workers Strike Likely To See A Resolve Soon

You are currently viewing United Auto Workers Strike Likely To See A Resolve Soon
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When coming through with two or three huge car assembly plants, you have to have a solid agreement. Important thing to remember about running a strike is that there needs to be resolved if there’s no resolve, then why would you even be arguing against the individuals who run these major car companies such as General Motors or Stellantis? How do you argue against them at all? United Auto Workers are wondering that same thing.

Luckily, it’s only been six weeks since the strike has started and already it is ending because, well… America needs cars.

GM is Detroit based and doing double duty building vehicles and creating Ultium batteries. Which may be why it’s such good news that they’ve reached a tentative deal with the UAW. In a statement, the GM CEO Mary Barra has seen the truce as a positive step forward to keep in line with their core values while continuing to provide products America loves.

And that’s an important development. Without of which, the American economy could certainly plummet.

This all started not too long ago, thanks to the way the UAW strike was affecting everyone. As it would turn about, the big difficulty regarding the economy would be whether there would still be cars being built. And there would be! Most likely, it’d be more Ford cars since out of the Big Three American Car Companies, they caved first to ensure that the there’d be less A.I. and more good guys assembling cars so that the company can go far and cross the finish line of success.

So what are these new deals?

Paramount among the deals, the top pay has been raised to an average of $42 an hour, all while showing a 70% increase which shows $30 being the baseline for the minimum rate.

As of recent, the tentative agreements between the Union of Auto Workers and the Big 3 car companies have been ratified to last 4 1/2 years.

The economics of the deals show 25% wage increases for most workers had patterned off Ford’s original agreement.

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