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Acura Integra Uplifts the Civic to New Expectations

You are currently viewing Acura Integra Uplifts the Civic to New Expectations
Acura Integra Pays Homage to Hatchbacks of the 1980s
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Acura did show the Integra Prototype in November of last year. In fact, the reaction was overwhelming. Some did applaud the iconic sport compact’s return. However, there there were others who gave its style thumbs down. To the surprise of no one, based on Honda/Acura’s history of presenting near-production-ready vehicles as “concepts” or “prototypes” before thus debuting their final renditions, also the 2023 Acura Integra which looks just like last year’s prototype. Moreover, the only things missing are the prototype’s graphics package. Plus the yellow paint. Also, the cool-looking dual exhausts also painted yellow. Its swooping roofline, liftback tailgate, and classic five-door shape pay homage to the original Integra hatchbacks from the ’80s. In fact, its new powertrain and chassis are lifted straight from the latest Honda Civic. 

Acura Integra – Gateway to the Brand

The 2023 Acura Integra does take over from the outgoing ILX as the gateway to the brand. Also, it is a smart strategy. While some Integra enthusiasts may, in fact, be disappointed with the new car’s design, others are going to see it as an opportunity to get a spirited, entry-level car without spending a fortune. The more luxurious Civic has a sportier bent. The Integra is going to launch in three trims—Integra, A-Spec, and A-Spec with the Technology Package. It will be in the first half of this year. Moreover, the price tag is going to start at around $30,000. It is pretty much where today’s regular-grade Civic hatchback does top out.

Penned by Acura’s studio in Japan, the new Integra does carry Acura’s design language first seen on the 2019 MDX. Despite sharing its platform and the overall shape with the 2022 Civic hatchback, the Honda and Acura don’t share any sheet metal. In fact, the Integra is a huge 6.8 inches longer, 1.1 inches wider, and 0.2 inches lower than the Civic Hatchback, though both cars share the same 107.7-inch wheelbase.

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