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Thousands of new Jobs are Coming Into the Southern U.S.

You are currently viewing Thousands of new Jobs are Coming Into the Southern U.S.
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Thousands of new jobs are being brought in by companies. They are moving into the Southern U.S. amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. This could be triggering by its multi-country metro population increasing to an estimated 2,295,303 people as of last July. This huge number is based on the U.S. Census Bureau figures that were released on May 4th. Moreover, this was a 3% increase from the year before. That would make it the fastest population growth among metros with at least 1 million residents.

Massive Population Growth

Also, since 2010, the Austin, Texas metro area has, in fact, gained about 579,014 residents. That is a 34% population growth, according to the data. Moreover, in terms of the raw population growth, there new residents every day coming into the Austin metro. They average 184 every day.

Thousands of New Jobs – Companies Relocating or Expanding

Several companies have relocated or expanded to the Austin-metro area which brought roughly 12,000 jobs. This information was obtained by Opportunity Austin. It is the economic development initiative of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Big Box Corporations

Tesla, Amazon, FedEx, and Arrive Logistics are responsible for bringing the lion’s share of the jobs to the area, records show companies. In southeast Travis County, Tesla has started building its $1.1 billion Gigafactory. Moreover, to a distribution center in San Marcos, Amazon is bringing in thousands of jobs.

More than 70 companies are on the list. Then there is half that is new. The other half are expanding in the area. Moreover, this would account for close to 12,000 jobs that are pledging in the first four months of 2021. If there is a comparison in the same timeframe in 2020, there are 37 companies that brought 1,993 jobs. That is approximately six times less than this year.

Tesla alone is bringing in more jobs (5,000) which is more than the whole timeframe that occurred last year.

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