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You Can Now Drive a Golf Cart on Some Lakeway Roads

You are currently viewing You Can Now Drive a Golf Cart on Some Lakeway Roads
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While you can already drive your golf cart at the Hills, up until last week, Lakeway didn’t allow them on city streets. However, that’s all going to change on January 1st. Starting on that day, you’ll be able to drive your cart on many city streets, allowing you to putter around to your heart’s content.

The Lakeway City Council met on Monday, October 17th to discuss a few different things. Among them were the city’s finances and the school district’s bond. Of course, the golf cart ordinance was the most important thing that the council discussed. The council approved the ordinance by a 6-1 vote, with only Louis Mastrangelo dissenting.

What does this mean for Lakeway? Besides providing more fun for golf cart owners, the ordinance added a few requirements for safe driving. Golf carts on city streets will need their own Texas license plates to operate legally. They will also need things like a slow-moving vehicle sign, which will signal to other drivers to be careful. After all, the average golf cart tops out at around 25 miles per hour.

Golf Carts on Lakeway Roads Are Still Subject to Texas Law

Did you know that it’s actually legal to drive golf carts on regular roads all throughout Texas? They have their own set of regulations under the umbrella of “unique vehicles,” and those on Lakeway will need to follow those same rules. Lakeway carters will need insurance coverage, “slow moving” decals, and proper registration to drive on city roads.

Carts won’t be legal to drive on all roads. Per Texas law, it’s illegal to drive any golf cart on a road with a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour, so any major roads or highways are off limits. The city council also set aside a few roads for special exclusion. You won’t be able to drive your golf cart on Lakeway Drive, Serene Hills Drive, Bee Creek Road, Lohmans Spur, or Flint Rock Road. For obvious reasons, Hwy 71 and RM 620 also won’t allow golf carts.

These restrictions mean that you won’t be able to drive your golf cart yourself to a new home if you move. Fortunately, moving golf carts is easy for Austin Car Transport. We’ll bring your new golf cart right to your doorstep with ease!

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